JOE’s Song Of The Day #885 – Rebecca Locke 'Manic Energy' 1 month ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #885 – Rebecca Locke 'Manic Energy'

An apt title for the new song from Rebecca Locke.

Dublin-based singer-songwriter Rebecca Locke has a brand new single out and it does exactly what it says on the tin.


Titled 'Manic Energy', this is an unfiltered stream of consciousness capturing the experience of being mentally ill in your early 20s. As a result, we get 'manic energy' from Locke in a song with unbridled chaos, wrapped up in a ridiculously catchy and dance-along tune.

Through distorted ukulele, 8-bit samples, and mangled electronics, she sings about the mundanity of daily life and the loss of control that comes along with coping with mental illness.

No holds barred here, what you see is what you get and the results are refreshing, exciting, and searingly honest.

Amid hilariously bleak lyrics about bad one-night stands and trips to Aldi, the track brings about a sense of catharsis.

It’s a song meant for dancing and shouting along, one about being lonely and confused together. “That’s what I want — if we’re all sad, at least we can yell about it together,” Rebecca says.

In a song of introspection and despair, bizarrely it serves to bring hope of a brighter future through its sheer energy and chaos.

While all live gigs are on pause, ‘Manic Energy’ brings all the fun and catharsis of a crowded venue to your own home speakers.


Turn it up loud and dance your troubles away.

Clip via Rebecca Locke

You can check out more of Rebecca here on her social channels below:


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