JOE’s Song Of The Day #897 – Malaki ‘The Riddler’ 2 years ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #897 – Malaki ‘The Riddler’

Malaki is back with another hard-hitter.

Malaki is a Dublin rapper making a name for himself for his hard-hitting tracks that also expose his vulnerable side and his grapples with his mental health.


His real name is Hugh Mulligan and he was on the Late Late Show only last week, discussing his own mental health issues as part of the Pieta House Darkness Into Light episode.


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'The Riddler' sees Malaki puzzle over anxiety, self-medication and primal fear as he introduces an alter ego character named ‘Calvero’.


He explains: “This track is a personification of my emotions in my darkest times. Instead of making me weaker and breaking me as a person, it only made me stronger. I think there is a bit of 'The Riddler' in all of us.”

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