JOE’s Song Of The Day #568: The Niall McCabe Band – ‘Reload’ 9 months ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #568: The Niall McCabe Band – ‘Reload’

The Niall McCabe Band are a quality outfit.

The Niall McCabe Band have done a lot of gigs together over the years and it shows. This is an extremely tight quartet which oozes class. They have been working on a new album.

An album where they have honed a sound that is structured around the conventions of soul music. It also reflects the influence of folk and rock traditions on their performance and writing. This is their second album following their debut release in 2014, the much praised 'Part Of The Light'.

Niall McCabe

They've recorded their new album live in The Village Hall Vintage Emporium, Cork. Surrounded by second-hand items and vintage furniture, the album, titled “The Village Hall”, was produced between the walls of this historic 18th-century building in just two nights, in front of a live audience.

This is one of the tracks from the new album and we love it. It's the sound of a band fully in control and working perfectly in tandem with each other.

Clip via Niall McCabe

McCabe's vocals are supreme and a thing of beauty. That chap has got soul coming out of every orifice. Having held a weekly residency in Coughlans, Douglas Street in Cork, for over three years, Niall McCabe, along with bandmates Davie Ryan, Hugh Dillon and David Duffy, performed over 300 shows together.

Their second venture captures the energy and spontaneity developed in these years and displays a group fully in tune with each other. Enforced by the incredible vocals of McCabe on top, allowing them to delve deeper into their shared musical tastes and a preference for live performance.

The eight songs on the album are a further development of the bands’ transatlantic soul sound. Mixing folk, rock and soul influences; sometimes subtle, sometimes overt. They celebrate the launch of 'The Village Hall' Upstairs at Whelans, Dublin, on 21 March and Coughlans Cork, 25 March, with more dates to be announced.