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05th Jul 2014

JOE’s Summer Festival Dos and Don’ts

Your essential guide...


Your essential guide…

As the summer arrives it brings with it the fantastic festival season and, here at JOE and powered by Lucozade Energy, we’ve got you covered with our guide of definite Dos and Don’ts for attending the various festivals.

So stick on your obligatory straw hat and novelty sunglasses and let’s get started…

Do… bring your sun cream

Being Irish means a number of things; we’re loved the world over, we’re always great craic and we all have a love/hate relationship with the sun. No matter how much you like to claim that “I don’t burn” or “I want to get a tan so I’m not wearing sun cream”, we simply cannot withstand the power of the sun, even on a miserable, cloudy day.

So lather up and fire on your Factor 500 because you definitely don’t want to end up like this guy…


Don’t… drink too much

Obviously we’re all up for having a few drinks now and then, but you really don’t want to end up being the guy who is put to bed early on Friday evening and is too sick to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Remember to drink responsibly and enjoy the brilliant music on show… rather than the manky ditch you’re getting sick into.

And watch out for those fiendish Flip Flops…

Do… bring your own toilet paper

A MUST for all festival goers. Bringing toilet paper will make your life a lot easier and will save you the embarrassment (and agony) of using nearby foliage to clean yourself up.

loo paper

Don’t… video the concert

You know that there’s nothing worse than standing watching your favourite band when, all of a sudden, your once-perfect view has now been blocked by a barrage of people holding up their smartphones to record the action THAT’S HAPPENING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM!

You’re at the concert, you paid for your ticket, watch it!

Do… get into the pit

Be sure to get down near the front and into the pit for at least one act over the course of the weekend. Sure, you’ll be squashed and your legs will ache but trust us, it’ll be worth it to get up close and personal with your favourite band.

Don’t… get involved in a ‘romantic liasion’

We know (you think) you’re really sexy but, in spite of popular opinion, it’s probably best to avoid those passionate bouts of lovemaking while at a festival. Aside from the smell (nobody ever showers at festivals), there are the tight tents and the constant threat that some random joker will come crashing in as you attempt to conduct the no pants dance.

Do… leave your clothing on

Believe us, nobody wants to see your goods so please, please, PLEASE leave your clothing on. T-shirts are an acceptable item to remove in certain situations at a festival but be careful, you really don’t want to be this guy…

Don’t… bring a guitar

Every year, he’s there. You know the guy, right?

He’s the muppet who brings a badly-tuned guitar to a festival in the hope of boosting his waning appeal to fellow festival-goers. What makes it worse is that he probably can’t even play the thing. We realise that everyone came to hear the music but remember, NOT your music, so do yourself a favour and leave the guitar at home in your room where it belongs.

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