JOE's Tombola of Truth with Dublin rapper Lethal Dialect 7 years ago

JOE's Tombola of Truth with Dublin rapper Lethal Dialect

"Hotlip in a packet of Meanies."

Next up on the JOE Tombola of Truth are Irish rapper Lethal Dialect.


His album 1988 was critically acclaimed and he's made a big impact in the UK playing shows with Damien Dempsey and Maverick Sabre.

Lethal Dialect plays The Academy in Dublin on December 5 (buy tickets here).

He spun the dreaded Tombola of Truth with us this week and he was certainly value for money. Read it below.



JOE: Your favourite pub in Ireland?
LD: Downey’s in cabra. Everyone says their local has the nicest pint of stout but i’ve had in friends from all over who can attest to this.

JOE: What do you have in your pockets?
LD: Me hands and about a fivers worth of lint.

JOE: Have you ever tried to give up something you love? What happened?
LD: I’ve felt like giving up making music once or twice, but in the words of Damien Dempsey, it wasn’t ready to give me up!


JOE: Best/worst chat-up line...
LD: I like that dress. Is that girlfriend material? I’ve never used it.

JOE: The app on your phone that you use the least?
LD: Technically a feature of an app: The alarm clock.

JOE: Three essential travel items you always pack...
LD: Runners, a plug adapter, more runners.

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JOE: What's your favourite movie and why?
LD: Anything by Christopher Nolan. Cerebral and complex. Off top I would say The Prestige.

JOE: Describe Ireland in three words?
LD: Home, rain, music.

JOE: What's the strangest thing that you've ever seen?
LD: A Hotlip in a packet of Meanies.

JOE: Describe the colour yellow to a blind person?
LD: It's what you imagine the feeling of sunshine on your face to look like… Jayzis that’s deep.


JOE: What’s your go-to joke?
LD: I'd love to make a joke about sodium, but Na.


JOE: How do you like your tea?
LD: A very specific shade of Pantone tan.

JOE: Imagine we meet in a lift - would you prefer I pretend not to know you? Or tell you how much I love your work?
LD: I’ll take the compliment, it might inspire me to write something that day.

JOE: What’s the most Irish-sounding town you’ve ever been to?
LD: Ma'am.

JOE: If you hadn’t made it doing what you do, what would you be at?
LD: I haven’t made it in that sense, but I would probably be finishing off the science degree.

JOE: What’s the one thing you wished you didn’t do?
LD: Regrets are for Instagram quotes!

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JOE: The most "rock n roll' moment of your career?
LD: Walking into Trafalgar Square with the tri-colour, ready to perform for a couple of thousand people.

JOE: What is the capital of Venezuela? (Don't Google)
LD: Caracas! Shouts to my Venezuelan friend Ricky, he only told me the other day!

JOE: How did you end up following your favourite team?
LD: The oul lad is a Chelsea fan and always had the matches on when I was starting to take an interest in the days of Gianfranco Zola, Gianlucca Vialli, Roberto Di Matteo... ‘Nuff said.