BBC Three will screen a new Kanye West documentary this weekend 4 years ago

BBC Three will screen a new Kanye West documentary this weekend

The controversial rapper has had quite a year.

Kanye West has had an interesting 2018.


He returned to Twitter and shared pretty much every waking thought that he had.

He oversaw the release of a handful of albums, including one under his own name that was critically slammed.

He claimed he'd be releasing another album in the autumn, only to twice scrap those plans as it's not finished yet.

He pissed many people off with outlandish and, in some particularly notable cases, quite ignorant and dangerous statements.


He enjoyed a White House audience with President Donald Trump and a selection of journalists.

He claimed that he's done being used by others and will now think for himself.

And just this evening, he called out to Bob Dylan.

The above is really just a highlight reel, Love him or hate him - and it tends to be one or the other with most people - Kanye was everywhere in 2018 and if you managed to avoid him entirely, that's a genuinely impressive feat.


As such, he's a prime candidate for a documentary and it would appear that the creative minds at the British Broadcasting Corporation agree.

Searching For... Kanye will air on the online-only BBC Three this Sunday 16 December, with journalist Ben Zand meeting with those who know Kanye "to try and get some insight into his recent antics and declarations around politics, race and mental health".

The death of West's mother Donda in 2007 appeared to have a profound effect on the rap icon, an element that the new documentary seeks to explore in-depth.

Among others, Zand sits down with Dr Brenda Aghahowa - friend of Kanye's late mother and her successor at Chicago State University - who reveals how Donda might have reacted to her son's recent meeting with President Trump as well as his marriage to Kim Kardashian.


He also speaks with contemporaries, closes friends, former managers and relatives.

The 30-minute documentary debuts this Sunday - 16 December - on BBC Three at this link.