Kanye West has legally changed his name to "Ye" 1 year ago

Kanye West has legally changed his name to "Ye"

"I miss the old Kanye."

One of hip-hop's most controversial figures has made another huge change this week. Chicago's Kanye West has foregone his full name and is now legally known as Ye (pronounced 'yay', and not like a certain classic Youtube video).


Ye began the process in August of this year, filing legal papers in the state of California seeking approval for the name change. His request was approved by Superior Court Judge Michelle Williams, and no longer has a middle or last name.

Ye has used this name before as a shorthand before, most notably in his 2010 smash hit "POWER". He released an album entitled Ye in 2018, and spoke extensively about his connection with the word in an interview with radio host Big Boy.

"I believe ‘ye’ is the most commonly used word in the Bible. In the Bible it means you. So, I’m you. And I’m us", he explained in reference to naming the album.

The rapper has been extensively covered in entertainment news this year, following his divorce from star Kim Kardashian West in February and the release of his 27 track album "Donda" in September. He recently performed at a wedding in Venice disguised in a mask, and posted a picture of a new haircut on his Instagram on Monday (19 October).