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11th Aug 2018

Kanye West releases nice new song about how he’d like to have sex with all of his wife’s sisters

Kyle Picknell

Bit weird, tbh.

So Kanye West has done that thing that Kanye West does, and that thing is: be very Kanye West.

Does that makes sense? Let me be clearer.

Kanye West has said something for shock value very much on purpose so that people turn around and say “That Kanye West. What’s he like?” or “Kanye West, hey, now there’s one crazy cat!”, or something.

I don’t talk to people enough to know how they talk. Leave me alone.

This time, rather than semi-nonsensical tweets about Trump or pseudo-babble about being the second coming of Christ and having the superpower of kindness, Kanye dropped his latest bombshell in his new track ‘XTCY’.

That bombshell? That he wouldn’t mind sleeping with his wife’s four sisters, actually, thanks for asking.

Funny that, it’s almost as though he, dun-dun-dun, wanted people to talk about his new song.

Say what you like about Yeezy, but his marketing and commercial game is light years ahead of his latest rival in ‘just saying controversial things to get people to talk about him’, Boris Johnson.

Anyway, ‘XTCY’ dropped on Saturday after being tweeted by DJ Clark Kent, who produced the track.

In it, Ye raps the following in reference to Kim Kardashian’s four sisters, Kylie, Kourtney, Khloe and Kendall:

“You got sick thoughts?/I got more of ’em/You got a sister-in-law you would smash?/I got four of them”

“Damn those is your sisters/You did something unholy to them pictures/Damn, you need to be locked up/Nah, we need a bigger hot tub.”

Those are the first few bars of the song, by the way. That’s how the song actually opens.

As always with absolutely everything that comes out of Kanye’s mouth, you have to be prepared to take the lyrics with a pinch of salt.

But also as always with absolutely everything that comes out of Kanye’s mouth, you do get the terrible feeling that sometimes he actually means what he says.

Still, I just find it a bit weird he leaves out all of the long-lost Kardashian brothers out of his inter-family sexual fantasies, completely ignoring Kevin, Karl, Kacey, Klint, Kane, Kristoffer, Kris, Kristopher Kasper, Keaton, Kelly, Kirk, Kristian, Konnor, Kurtis, Kona, Kip, Kieran, Kenneth and Rob.

Odd, don’t you think? Really, really odd.

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