Dublin Airport employee explains how he ended up in Kendrick Lamar music video 3 months ago

Dublin Airport employee explains how he ended up in Kendrick Lamar music video

He and his colleague say they got "the surprise of their life" when they discovered they were in the rapper's new video.

Earlier this week, Irish music fans were understandably very excited when Dublin - particularly St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre - featured so heavily in the music video for rap superstar Kendrick Lamar and his cousin Baby Keem's surprise new single 'The Hillbillies'.


Filmed on a VHS camcorder, the promo sees the duo travelling around Europe and the US in footage captured on Lamar's recent Big Steppers tour. As part of it, the rapper performed in Dublin's 3Arena last November, which would line up with the Christmas decorations displayed around the popular Dublin city location in the video.

As well as St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, Dublin Airport also features briefly in the clip with Lamar shown interacting with a platinum service team member named Damien.

In a clip posted to TikTok by the airport, the latter explained how he and his colleague Brian came to appear in the video.

@dublin_airportHow did two Dublin Airport employees end up staring in Baby Keep & Kendrick Lamar's music video? Platinum Service Team Members Damien and Brian got the surprise of their life this week when they discovered they were in 'The Hillbillies' video. Damien tells us how it happened!♬ original sound - Dublin Airport

"We were just waiting at the reception but he [Lamar] literally came through the door full of life, bouncing around the reception, throwing his arms around everyone - just being very nice," Damien recounts.

"We noticed that his crew were recording but there was nothing ever mentioned about a music video or anything."

In a caption posted along with the explainer, Dublin Airport said Brian and Damien got "the surprise of their life" upon discovering they were in the rap promo.


"I was getting sent messages from everywhere, from people I haven't heard from even in years," Damien stated, adding: "My two boys at home are blown away."

The music video for 'The Hillbillies' is available to watch right here:

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