Lewis Capaldi had the nation in stitches during his Late Late appearance 3 years ago

Lewis Capaldi had the nation in stitches during his Late Late appearance

"I like singing and I like getting pished, and so do Irish people."

Aside from selling out gigs, embarking on a European tour, and releasing a beloved debut album with Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, Lewis Capaldi has endeared himself to everyone because the Scottish singer never takes himself too seriously.


On that note, it's arguable that more people know him for his self-deprecating, funny, and madcap personality than they do his music - case in point, the 'feud' that he had with Noel Gallagher and that memorable Glastonbury entrance.

Anyway, given the fact that Irish audiences absolutely love him, it made sense for Capaldi to make an appearance on the Late Late Show and he didn't disappoint.

After performing his hit 'Someone You Loved,' the Glaswegian told a few gas anecdotes about the recording of the track.

"The song means sadness. I wrote the song about a lady that no longer thinks I'm attractive - that's aesthetically and inside - she hates me as a person! I wrote it at the end of recording the album - at this stage I was just flogging a dead horse that's full of heartbreak songs! - but I wrote it, it came out, and I made a lot of money from it!" he joked.


When asked by Tubridy if he's now on good terms with his ex, here's what Capaldi had to say.

"We've patched things up to a degree but if she comes looking for royalties, she'll be getting told to bolt!," he joked.

Later in the interview, Tubridy asked him why he thinks Irish audiences have such an affinity towards him?

"Everyone in Ireland really takes me in and treats me very nicely. I love it here. It's honestly like coming to a second home. I like singing and I like getting pissed, and so do Irish people." he said jokingly.


At this stage, Capaldi pulled out his Coppers Gold Card which he proudly said "I usually hold it in my wallet, so it's close to my arsehole! But that's no comment on my fondness for Coppers."

Some man.

Take a look at some of the highlights.


Here's his performance of Someone You Loved

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