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05th Jul 2017

WATCH: Liam Gallagher’s new music video pays tribute to the victims of the Manchester terror attack

Our kid loves the city and people of Manchester.


“We stand united with Manchester.”

When the city of Manchester was left devastated by the terror attack that happened at an Ariana Grande concert, the people of the city came together in support of each other.

When you think of Manchester, you immediately think of two things, football and music and there has been no bigger music band to come out of the place than Oasis.

Oasis’ songs, Don’t Look Back in Anger and Live Forever became unofficial anthems for the city following the attacks and as Ariana became the Princess of Manchester, the King of Manchester also returned to music.

The former Oasis frontman has released a video for his second single from his upcoming solo debut album, As You Were, which follows on from the album’s lead single Wall of Glass.

The single, Chinatown, sees Gallagher walking around the streets of London as he tells listeners that “God told me, to live a life of luxury.”

Mid-way through the video, he stands next to a mural honouring the victims of the recent Manchester terror attack. The mural first appears in the video at 1:05.

Clip via Liam Gallagher

The video is released a day after Liam Gallagher was in the news for two different reasons, both involving him and his brother and former bandmate, Noel.

He told a user on Twitter, who asked him if he was going to see U2 and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds play at Twickenham, that he would “rather eat my own shit than listen to them bunch of beige fucks as you were.”

Also, the song that changed Oasis’ career back in 1994, Talk Tonight, finally got its own official music video, albeit a lyric video.

As You Were is set to be in shops on 6 October and will be released just ahead of Noel’s third album which is set to drop in November.

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