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12th May 2017

It looks like this Irish pop star has volunteered to represent us at Eurovision 2018

Rory Cashin

Once again, Ireland didn’t make it to the finals of the Eurovision.

For a certain demographic, Ireland winning the Eurovision was just a thing that happened, and the rest of the competition was all about who managed to come second.

But recently we’ve completely lost our musical edge, while Scandanavia have reclaimed their united place atop the pop throne, and more and more mainland European entries are having more and more fun with the competition.

Ireland, however, are stuck in a rut, sending in one drab ballad after another.

Pop-music defender Jenn Gannon wrote for The Irish Times what needs to happen in the autopsy of last night’s performance: we need to send in the Mumba.

And the Mumba has responded:

Can you imagine if she arrived with anything on par with ‘Gotta Tell You’, ‘Body II Body’ or ‘Baby Come On Over’? She would destroy the competition.

You can try to deny it all you like, but the Mumba had bangers galore.

So we agree with Jenn Gannon: Send In The Mumba!

Clip via MusicalWonders

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