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27th Nov 2020

Nathan and Jake Carter offering private concert to fans in aid of Make A Wish Foundation


Late Late Show

All for a good cause.

The music and entertainment industry has been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic with venues and concerts postponed until the next year at the earliest.

Charities operating in Ireland are also among the many sectors struggling due to the impact of 2020 being an absolute pr*ck.

Throughout the year, many charities have been forced to cancel key annual fundraising events due to public health restrictions.

After spending lockdown together, Nathan and Jake Carter are now launching a fundraiser in order to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation.

Nathan and Jake are running a raffle with the prize of a private concert from the duo as the top prize, with all the proceeds of the fundraiser going to the Make A Wish Foundation.

“Myself and Jake are delighted to be helping out Make a wish this year as everyone knows charities are struggling more than ever at this moment in time,” Nathan told JOE.

“I’ve had personal experience with Make A Wish as they have brought some sick and terminally ill children to our shows.

“They do a really amazing job and there is nothing more rewarding than putting a smile on a sick child’s face.

“We’ve added another 500 tickets to the raffle as we had exceeded our 2000 ticket total.”

This prize can be used for a birthday party, a wedding or something more intimate like an acoustic session in a living room with the brothers travelling to any of the 32 counties of Ireland to deliver the prize in person.

Tickets for the draw cost €5.50 and can be purchased here.

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