Noel Gallagher has been absolutely raving about Conor McGregor 4 years ago

Noel Gallagher has been absolutely raving about Conor McGregor

A big, big fan...

Conor McGregor has taken he world by storm over the last four years. Rising from relative obscurity to the household name and the global superstar people either love or hate, depending on who you speak to.


He's won the hearts of fans around the world, including Noel Gallagher it seems.

Speaking on the The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show, Gallagher was resolute in his love of all things Conor McGregor and tuned in to watch his fight with Floyd Mayweather.

He was at Russell Brand's wedding that day but said that Russell threw them all out at 12, so he settled down to watch the fight.

But it's the charisma of McGregor that impresses him most.


CO'C: It's a great story, this is a guy, Conor McGregor who four years ago was an unemployed Irish plumber.

NG: The trash talking. Oh my god I love him. He's a dude. He's an absolute dude. He makes me cry laughing when he's going on about Floyd Mayweather's bald little head.

CO'C: 16,000 people at a press conference on a Friday night and Conor was like a stand-up comedian.

NG: You know, charisma will get you a long way. If you're talented and you got charisma, the world is your oyster. That guy has got it. It's like, wow, where have you come from? What planet are you from? I'd love to meet him. I've got a lot of Irish friends from Dublin. They said, 'Guy's like him, they're on every street corner where he comes from, he just happens to be a fighter.'