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30th Aug 2018

Noel Gallagher twists the knife into ‘deluded’ Liverpool fans after their Champions League final heartbreak

Paul Moore

Noel Gallagher

“Liverpool fans are a bit weird.”

After winning their first three league games – scoring seven goals and conceding none in the process – Liverpool fans are right to feel incredibly optimistic about the season ahead because the Reds are currently sitting on top of the Premier League.

Granted, for the last 28 years, we’ve all heard that ‘this year will be their year’ but there’s a genuine sense of optimism around Anfield as Klopp’s shrewd signings have really bedded in quickly, with the rest of the squad that reached last year’s Champions League final.

This being said, Manchester City are Manchester City and Guardiola’s side finished a staggering 25 points ahead of the ‘Pool last season. However, we all remember what happened when Liverpool absolutely dismantled City in the Champions League quarter-finals.

On that note, you might argue that Noel Gallagher still holds a little bit of resentment towards The Reds about that result. During a recent interview with talkSPORT, the guitarist was asked how Liverpool fans treat him when he goes to Merseyside.

“Liverpool fans are a bit weird. They get over-emotional. They’re like the Queen Mother, Liverpool fans, aren’t they? They think everybody loves them. They are kind of a little bit deluded,” he said

Gallagher added that his band, the High Flying Birds, have three Liverpool fans in it and that he gets a real kick out of seeing Liverpool’s title dreams turn to ashes every season.

“It’s great watching the meltdown around about March. Particularly in the Champions League Final – we were on stage while it was on and there was a couple of Liverpool fans. I could see them kind of dying as the gig went on. I must say – after they smashed up our team coach in the quarter-final – I think I derived as much pleasure from that as I did from winning the league,” he said.

Take a look at Noel looking back in anger here.