'Old Town Road' has just broken an absolutely ridiculous record 3 years ago

'Old Town Road' has just broken an absolutely ridiculous record

It has literally become one of the biggest songs of all time.

'Old Town Road' by Lil Nas X, ever heard of it? You don't even need to answer that question, we know you have.


It would be literally impossible not to have heard it, as it has been played on seemingly every radio station at least once per hour since it was released earlier this year.

And this constant play has paid dividends, as it has become the longest-running number one in US chart history.

A genuinely incredible feat from a rapper who was almost completely unheard of before the song was released.

It has spent a total of 17 weeks at number one, overtaking Luis Fonsi's 'Despacito' and Mariah Carey's 'One Sweet Day', which both spent 16 weeks at number one.


The story behind 'Old Town Road' is actually quite interesting.

The song was released in late 2018, a country/rap song that immediately shot to the top of the country charts.

Billboard then removed the song from the charts, as it wasn't deemed country enough.

So Lil Nas X decided to get country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus on board to feature on the song, which satisfied Billboard enough to the point that it was placed back on the country charts, and it got to number one in the overall charts as well.


And it has stayed there since. You love to see it.

The rapper celebrated this news by tweeting a lyric from the song, which also acts as a response to his doubters and critics.