Pic: 'Get Lucky' with these Daft Punk inspired condoms 10 years ago

Pic: 'Get Lucky' with these Daft Punk inspired condoms

In fairness, with a title like ‘Get Lucky’ it was only a matter of time before someone named a line of condoms after the hit song...

Fans of the hit tune ‘Get Lucky’ and Daft Punk fans in general will soon be able to get their hands (and other parts) on some Daft Punk inspired condoms. The condoms, which are being produced by the lads at Durex, come in single packs and have the band’s name along with ‘Get Lucky’ emblazoned on the front and back.


Daft Punk condoms

The condoms will be released in Europe before they make their way over to Ireland and the UK, but be sure to keep an eye out for the packs if you’re heading off for a weekend of music, camping and... whatever you’re having yourself.

Now, just in case you haven’t heard ‘Get Lucky’ enough, here’s the hit tune in question…