Picture: Is this really what Daft Punk look like without their helmets? 10 years ago

Picture: Is this really what Daft Punk look like without their helmets?

One of the biggest mysteries in the music world just might have been revealed yesterday… and it was all a big accident.

A lot of people are beginning to get just a little bit tired of ‘Get Lucky’ at the moment but there is no doubting the esteemed reputation of Daft Punk, the dance/electronic act behind the track, in the music world.


The fact that band members Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter are rarely if ever photographed without their trademark helmets adds to their credibility somewhat, but electronic contemporaries The Knocks may have given the game away with an accidental photo purporting to be the Daft Punk duo that was published on their Facebook page yesterday.

The blurry picture below was taken during a game of champagne beer-pong – as we’re inclined to play ourselves from time to time during quiet days in JOE Towers – at the offices of the Columbia record label, who both bands are signed up to presently.




Pics via Twitter/dancingastro

The Knocks subsequently hastily deleted the photo from their page along with a status update that read: "GUESS WE WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO POST THAT PIC :X" but as tends to happen in these situations, the picture had already received some digital love before it was erased and screen-grabs quickly spread around the world internet.

The picture isn’t so clear that you would instantly recognise Homem-Christo or Bangalter if you walked past them in the street so they probably won't be overly concerned and no doubt they'll make sure that they won't be caught out like that again, not even one more time. *JOE goes to get coat*

Hat-tip: news.com.au