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04th Jun 2017

Policeman dancing ‘Ring Around the Rosie’ with kids is the spirit of #OneLoveManchester

Paul Moore

This is simply amazing.

While the performances on stage have been excellent, we all know the music isn’t the most important thing at One Love Manchester.

In what has been a fitting tribute to the memory of those 22 people that were tragically taken too soon, the bands and singers at Old Trafford have been utterly brilliant, but this concert is more than just about what happens on stage.

For many, this concert is symbolic because it’s an indication that people will not live in fear. They won’t be intimidated, hide or run from those things that bring joy to their lives, in this case, music.

In fact, 50,000 people want to come together and have a good time.

In the aftermath of the horrific attack, the police in Manchester -much like those in London – have worked tirelessly to protect everyone in the city from future harm. This being said, there’s far more to the police force than just keeping the public safe and secure.

Their symbolism, strength and relationship with the local community is vital, and in such uncertain times, it’s reassuring to see such lovely moments like this one.

If you want proof that music really does bring everyone together – regardless of age, gender, ethnicity – this is it.

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