JOE’s Song Of The Day #565: Rebekah Fitch – ‘A Love So Crazy’ 9 months ago

JOE’s Song Of The Day #565: Rebekah Fitch – ‘A Love So Crazy’

Rebekah Fitch is back with her debut EP.

Rebekah Fitch was born and raised in Belfast and is currently over in Durham University studying music. We've featured one of her tracks before so she has got a bit of pedigree.

It's clear that Rebekah’s musical studies have enhanced her thirst for sonic experimenting, bringing a new dimension
to the distinctive melodies she creates.

In a rapidly transforming world, she challenges listeners to stop and think for themselves, finding where they stand before being swept away in the chaos. You don’t have to ditch the instantly-memorable pop melodies to find something with more substance.

Rebekah Fitch

She has just launched her debut EP which is called Broken Mind. Described as an EP containing songs united on the common themes of internal war, mental struggles and cognitive dissonance.  From the contrast between what we present to the world and what we are truly feeling, to the contradictions within the innate human condition itself.

This is the first track from the EP and it captures a spiritual joy that provides peace from this brokenness - a joy that remains a mystery and cannot be contained.

Clip via Rebekah Fitch

Rebekah is off on a little tour around the UK and is due to do a gig in Belfast in McHugh's on 1 March. You can keep up to date on her music career by checking out her Facebook page right here.