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Musical taste is a subjective thing and this principle is best proven by your own personal selections during those moments when you're looking for a little bump n' grind while bringing sexy back to the bedroom.

Prince may wanna be your lover but he doesn't make this Spotify list of the most popular tunes from people that are looking to get their freak on.

The streaming giant has analysed 2.5 million "sex" playlists to find its users most popular songs to listen to while doing the deed. That's not at all creepy or weird.

Without further ado, in the immortal words of Marvin Gaye...let's get it on.

Sex Tell

1. Intro - The xx

2. From Eden - Hozier

3. Menswear - The 1975


4. Magic - Coldplay

5. You & Me (Flume Remix) - Disclosure

6. Sweet Ophelia - Zella Day

7. Let's Get Started - Dylan Gardner

8. Night Like This - LP

9. Talk Is Cheap - Chet Faker

10. Dreams - Fou De Toi

The XX Intro, eh? The song only last 127 seconds. Read into that what you will.



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