Sunday Sessions - Áine Cahill 2 years ago

Sunday Sessions - Áine Cahill

Introducing Áine Cahill.

There is a rare talent shared by the likes of Regina Spektor, Lana Del Rey, Marina Diamandis... And Cavan's Áine Cahill.

Cahill's voice is powerful, melodious and dark - informed by the kind of honesty that only comes when you write your own songs, and the songs she writes are stellar.

Áine performed her song, 27 Club, for Sunday Sessions in Whelan's - a tortured and beautiful song about the party lifestyle that left our jaws on the floor. Listen to it here, as well as her incredible cover of Teen Idle by Marina And The Diamonds.

Listen to them both here:

Áine Cahill - 27 Club

Áine Cahill - Teen Idle