Sunday Sessions - Little Green Cars 2 years ago

Sunday Sessions - Little Green Cars

Little Green Cars have the kind of talent that's a privilege to witness first-hand...

So we were more than excited when the Dublin quintet came in to record for Sunday Sessions. It goes without saying that they did not disappoint.

The band played Easier Day, the first single from their 2016 album Ephemera, a track led by the jaw-dropping vocals of Faye O'Rourke.

Little Green Cars - Easier Day

Any band would thank their lucky stars to have just one vocalist of Faye's outstanding talent, and therein lies Little Green Cars secret weapon.

Once these guys break out the five-part harmony, their music is not only beautiful and engrossing - but unique, as proved by their cover of Glen Campbell's Galveston.

Little Green Cars - Galveston

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