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14th Jul 2017

LISTEN: The Script release new single ‘Rain’, their first new music in three years

Do you reckon there's a rain machine in the music video?

Rory Cashin


Can you believe it has been three years since No Sound Without Silence?

Yep, it does feel like a lifetime ago when ‘Superheroes’ seemed to playing on every single radio station, 24/7.

But now Danny and co. are back with ‘Rain’, the first single from their as-of-yet untitled fifth album, and it is clear that somebody has been listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran in the interim.

Despite it having the lyrics of a sad, break-up ballad – the rhyming of “rain” with “pain” is a bit of a give-away, plus Danny SWEARS, so you know he means business – it actually has the jaunty guitar and upbeat chorus of an Sheeran-esque toe-tapper, with ‘Shape Of You’ in particular coming to mind.

The accompanying music-video has also been released, and it is clear that somebody has been watching a lot Britney Spears videos in the interim.

Sexy people in a dimly lit room gyrate in time to the music, and then someone pulls the fire-alarm, and it starts to rain (geddit?) water down on all of the revellers, but it refuses to dampen their spirits. If anything, it just makes everyone gyrate all the harder. So… pretty much that ‘Slave 4 U’ video.

Sounds fun now, until they realise they’ll catch their death on the walk home.

Clip via The Script VEVO

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