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19th Jun 2017

JOE’s Song Of The Day #443: Tim Chadwick – ‘Never Wanted You’

Watch this space.


“Nobody’s going to play fair…”

‘Never Wanted You’ is an anthemic message to spurned lovers or those who have suffered unrequited love.

Chadwick’s lyrics drift from “looking back at my early days… full of bright ideas” to the bitterness of realising his own naivety, with the chorus insisting that he “never wanted you anyway”.

Tim, who was born and raised in Dublin, recently released his Early Days EP, which is available on iTunes. It’s also doing very well on Spotify if you’re into that streaming craic.

Tim has been included in the Apple Music Singer-Songwriter A-List and has received rave reviews.

Our best advice? Watch this space.

Check out the beautifully shot video for ‘Never Wanted You’ below, featuring Tim and some slick moves from the outrageously talented Erik Cavanaugh.

Clip via TimChadwickVEVO

Main image via Tim Chadwick Facebook

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