Tom Hardy's unreleased mixtape as a rapper has been discovered 4 years ago

Tom Hardy's unreleased mixtape as a rapper has been discovered

The unfinished album is called Falling On Your Arse In 1999.

Another day, another example of Tom Hardy being an absolute legend. After helping those abandoned puppies find a home, the star of Bronson and The Dark Knight Rises must have been feeling so happy that he could sing.


Well, the gifted actor might prefer to rap because Hardy appears to be a big fan of the genre.

As you can hear on his unreleased and unfinished album that's entitled Falling On Your Arse In 1999, it's clear that Hardy absolutely loves to spit a few bars.

His album has been unearthed on Reddit’s Hip-Hop Heads forum and fans of Warrior and Venom actor want to to give it a listen. Going by the name Tommy No 1 when he's rapping, the 18 tracks are bound to cause some discussion. Who knows, maybe Hardy might return to a career in music?

The whole album is available on Bandcamp and hip-hop fans have plenty to get stuck into over the 18 tracks that he recorded with Eddie Too Tall.


Here's a taste of what's in store from the opening track.

Of course, Hardy isn't the first Peaky Blinders star to dabble in a music career. Before finding fame as an actor, Cillian Murphy played guitar and sang in a band called ‘Sons of Mr Green Genes’, named after a Frank Zappa song.

Take a look at the young Irish actor chatting about the music scene in Cork. Ever wondered what a 19-year-old Tommy Shelby looked like?


Christ, Cillian Murphy just doesn't age!