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31st Aug 2017

LISTEN: ‘The Blackout’, U2’s first new song in three years, gives us a taster of what to expect from their new album

Sounds like they're having fun again.

Rory Cashin

Sounds like they’re having some fun again.

Learning from their mistakes and not just uploading their new music straight on to our mobiles without asking us whether we want it or not, U2 are also learning a few other lessons from their 2014 album Songs Of Innocence.

Whereas you’d be hard pressed to name any of the singles from that one – do you even remember what ‘The Miracle’ or ‘Song For Someone’ sounded like? – they’re kicking off with a very strong, identifiable and, perhaps most importantly, fun sound with the first official track from their new album Songs Of Experience.

Which isn’t to say that ‘The Blackout’ is actually the first single from the album, no no. That honour will go to ‘You’re The Best Thing About Me’, which is due for official release on September 6.

Until then, fans have been getting tasters of what to expect from Songs Of Experience as the band have played some of the tracks during their recent Joshua Tree World Tour, with new album track ‘The Little Things That Give You Away’ being the song they usually closed out each set with.

There’s still no set release date for Songs Of Experience, as Bono has stated that the band are having a hard time pairing down the album from 15 to 12 tracks, so in the meantime, get a good idea of what you can expect with ‘The Blackout’, by listening to the track below.

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