Video: Here’s the ‘previously unheard’ Daft Punk feat. Jay Z track that may or may not be real 9 years ago

Video: Here’s the ‘previously unheard’ Daft Punk feat. Jay Z track that may or may not be real

There’s a YouTube video doing the rounds that claims to be a ‘previously unheard’ collaboration between the French house duo and Young Hov, but it could just be a fake…

When something is too good to be true (the golden eagle flying away with a child in Canada, the Jimmy Kimmel twerking incident and the epic ping pong trick) it generally is. So you’ll have to excuse us for thinking that this ‘previously unheard’ collaboration between Daft Punk and Jay Z is nothing but a big fat phoney.


There’s little to no information on the internet about the origins of the track, called ‘Computerized’, and not everyone is convinced it’s a genuine track.

Here’s what the guys over at Noisey had said: “A Google search for the lyrics reveals they are indeed previously-unreleased Jay lyrics, but there's no guarantee Jay's words were meant to appear over this beat, or who even made the beat.”

Also, the biggest reason for thinking the track is just a fake made by someone with a little too much time on their hands is the fact that it doesn’t sound great. It’s certainly not up to Daft Punk’s or Jay’s standard.

Here’s what the video’s uploader had to say on YouTube: “An unreleased, leaked track from Daft Punk and Jay-Z. This track was produced around the time of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack recording, but was apparently unsatisfying to Daft Punk, and never released.”


While it may be real, we have a funny feeling it’s fake, so have a listen below and see what you think yourself…