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01st Jul 2016

VIDEO: Justin Bieber has fallen over on stage… again

Alan Loughnane

The man just can’t control his feet.

June 2016 was not a very kind month to Justin Bieber and when he looks back to where it all went wrong, he’ll immediately think of the song Baby this month.

Just a couple of weeks ago, he was involved in an altercation with a man which finished with Bieber being thrown to the ground aggressively.

Then to compound it all, he had a little mishap when he fell through a trap door on stage but luckily the only thing injured in the fall was his pride.

Now, if it takes your fancy, you can watch him falling again on stage as he tries to kick water at some of his back-up singers.

Surely he won’t fall a third time on stage this year? Never say never though…

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