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09th Oct 2013

Video: Kate Upton teams up with Snoop Dogg for latest advert

Who knew that microwaveable food could be so sexy?


Who knew that microwaveable food could be so sexy?

It’s a little on the ridiculous side, but one of our favourite models Kate has been drafted in to add a bit of glamour to promote Hot Pockets frozen food, with Snoop there to add to his musical talents and marijuana references. Well that’s what we are guessing he is talking about when he raps about “lighting about taste buds” and “baking all day”.

Snoop Lion as he has called himself of late looks seems to enjoy his role, as well he might, and the lyrics are entertaining, if not award-winning. And the lines “Gotta lick your lips, Smell my savory garlic” aren’t even the most cryptic lines in the song.

YOU… YOU Got What I Eeeeaaattt!

You make the Steak and Cheese

That brings me to my knees

Oh baby, YOU… YOU Got What I Eeeeaaattt!

The flavor is so sweet

You know how to spice that meat

We couldn’t be certain, but there is not only a whiff of frozen food, but a sexual innuendo or two as well.

The video is set to the tune of Biz Markie’s 1989 hit “Just a Friend,” but the lyrics have been changed to be about Hot Pocket’s new “hot buttery crusts” and “premium meats.” Have a look and listen for yourself and be amazed how Kate doesn’t burn the roof of her mouth when devouring the microwaved food.

One of Celtic’s biggest supporters and the lovely Kate make quite the duo.

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