Video: Macklemore gives a surprise concert on a bus 7 years ago

Video: Macklemore gives a surprise concert on a bus

He seems like a sound chap, it must be said

It's a fairly usual occurrence for someone to start blaring music out of their phone or sometimes even a portable speaker on the bus, but rarely does it ever turn out to be as good as it was for these passengers on a bus in New York City recently.


Who was playing the music out of a boom box only Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and the red-haired rapper gave all the commuters something to sing and dance about, literally, when he started performing his hit 'Can't Hold Us'.

As you would be, they're all pretty surprised, but they get involved in the fun and all get a great kick out of it even the driver. The poor girl who looks to be a Macklemore fan who was waiting at the next bus stop and missed the concert doesn't seem overly pleased though.

This footage was shot as an ad for the Grammys, and given that if he had done a concert on a bus it would have gone massively viral everywhere already, we have a sneaking suspicion that some of this might have been set up. Call us cynical...

hat-tip to Mashable for the video