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29th Nov 2016

VIDEO: This Mariah Carey/My Chemical Romance mashup is unexpectedly glorious


Before we begin, let us say we know you’re going to want to hate this. Sadly, that is impossible.

If you went out in any town in Ireland or the UK in 2006, you will have heard one or both of these songs. In fact, if you existed in 2006 and have ears, the same applies.

One is among the greatest songs of all time, enjoyed at Christmas parties up and down the land, and the other is a Mariah Carey single.

You don’t have to like My Chemical Romance to have sung along to Welcome to the Black Parade at a provincial nightclub at 3am, with your arm around two people you’ve just met who are improbably both nicknamed Deano (despite the fact neither is actually called Dean).

Likewise, you don’t have to like your colleagues to join them in a rendition of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ at an office party after two plastic cups of mulled wine which you’re pretty sure has more rum in it than most mulled wine is meant to have (editor’s note: most mulled wine is supposed to contain zero rum – that is the optimal amount of rum for mulled wine).

But I digress.

While both are undoubtedly timeless classics – no, don’t try to interrupt – a mashup of the two would surely be a recipe for disaster about as well thought-out as mulled wine with rum.

That’s what we thought too, but we’re humble enough to accept that sometimes – albeit very rarely – we’re wrong.

From the first few seconds of sleigh bells interspersed with the words ‘saviour of the broken’ you know we’re on to a winner.

The mashup, from someone going by the moniker ‘oneboredjeu’, brings together all the best bits of ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ and ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ into one musical triumph.

But you already knew that, didn’t you. Because neither song even has bad bits.

We would apologise for getting this stuck in your head for the remainder of 2016, but we’ve had a think about it and have concluded that actually you should be thanking us for bringing it to your attention.

You’re welcome, readers. Happy Christmas.


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