WATCH: 11-year-old Dublin girl absolutely destroys metal Taylor Swift cover on the drums 1 year ago

WATCH: 11-year-old Dublin girl absolutely destroys metal Taylor Swift cover on the drums

This is terrific work.

Eyebrows are usually raised when an established act attempts to rework a recognised classic song not normally associated with their given style.

You get the great - Johnny Cash repurposing Nine Inch Nails' iconic 'Hurt' proved so powerful that even Trent Reznor admitted that the song no longer belongs entirely to him.

You get the good - Mushroomhead's covers of Seal's 'Crazy' and Adele's 'Rumour Has It' are ridiculously fun.

You get the bad - Disturbed's riff on 'The Sound of Silence' absolutely doesn't work, stop pretending that it does.

And you get the ugly - Machine Head taking on The Police and 'Message In A Bottle' is so dreadful that it honestly isn't worth linking to, so we'll spare you the earache.

Off-beat covers are a music staple, which is why Michigan metalcore outfit We Came As Romans opted to give Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' a fresh coat of paint in 2014.

Clip via Fearless Records

One for the 'guilty pleasure' pile, perhaps.

Four years later, a young girl from Dublin has stepped up with an incredible individual turn all of her own as she looks to conquer the opposition in the 2018 edition of the Hit Like A Girl contest.

Hit Like A Girl is a global drumming competition designed to spotlight female drummers and percussionists while encouraging a lifelong love for drumming regardless of age or playing level.

At just 11 years old, Dublin native Sophie Tracy has been mastering the drum kit for the past five years, and her take on We Came As Romans' Swift heroics is seriously impressive stuff.

She's particularly mean with the 'ol double-bass pedal, too...

Sophie has twice reached the finals of Hit Like A Girl and has previously featured on The Late Late Toy Show, too.

If you think she has what it takes to triumph in this year's Hit Like A Girl smackdown, you can vote for her at this here link.

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