“We built this city on sausage rolls” – Five of JOE’s favourite misheard lyrics 7 years ago

“We built this city on sausage rolls” – Five of JOE’s favourite misheard lyrics

Misheard lyrics are always hilarious. It’s a science fact.

Actually, it’s such a science fact that science has even given the phenomenon of misheard lyrics and misinterpreted phrases a proper technical term – a mondegreen.


At least we think that’s what it’s called, we may have misheard.

Here at JOE we’ve decided to pick out five of our own favourite misheard lyrics, all to celebrate the fact that our pals at McDonald's will be offering you and a friend the exclusive opportunity to see the excellent Tinchy Stryder (who will definitely know all of the lyrics to his own songs) play an intimate gig at a secret Dublin location on Friday 29th November.

As the brilliant Peter Kay has expertly pointed out, it’s usually only when you see the lyrics written down for the first time that you actually realise that you’ve been singing the wrong words for years. You big fool.

Forget Jack and Rose and all that schmoozy romantic nonsense, did you know that Celine Dion actually sang “I believe the hot dogs go on” while recording the Titanic soundtrack?

And here are JOE’s five faves...

As Jefferson Starship sang about building a “city on rock and roll,” we were more interested in the city that they “built on sausage rolls.” Now THAT’s a city we could definitley see ourselves settling down in.

Continuing our tasty sausage theme, the line “spare him his life from this monstrosity” from Queen’s iconic Bohemian Rhapsody sounds much better when sung as “saving his life from this warm sausage tea.”


And did you know, when US songsters One Republic were supposedly singing “is it too late to apologise?”, they were actually in their local McDonalds wondering “is it too late to order fries?”

True story.

Dyslexics everywhere were up in rams when listeners misheard the lyrics “ohh, this sex is on fire”  in the Kings of Leon hit of the same name.

Check out "Ohh, dyslexics on fire":

And finally, who could forget one of the most famous (and still one of the best) misheard lyrics? It is,  of course, one for all of the Who’s The Boss? fans out there, Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’ AKA “hold me closer, Tony Danza.”


So if you fancy going to see Tinchy Stryder and think that you can do better than our choices above, then get yourself over to the McDonald’s #eurosaverLIVE Meme Generator where you can put your own unique, ridiculous twist on the lyrics of some famous songsters.