LISTEN: Westlife release first new song in eight years 4 years ago

LISTEN: Westlife release first new song in eight years

Someone's been listening to Take That, anyway...

Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree; Westlife are back back back.


The rejuvenated outfit - minus Peaky Blinders enthusiast Brian McFadden - have a busy year ahead with a summer tour of Ireland and the UK on the horizon.

A double header at Croke Park is the pick of that bunch and in a bid to prove that this is new cash-grab comeback, the boys have unveiled their first new single in nine years.


Very much riffing on modern Take That and Coldplay heroics, 'Hello My Love' is a decent tonic for cold and dark January mornings.


A pop stomp that's sure to bother the charts, the track may not initially appear to be on the same level as 'When You're Looking Like That' but it should keep fans happy for now.

The song has some decent pedigree, too, given that it was co-written by Ed Sheeran and produced by Steve Mac, who also worked on 'Shape of You', 'Your Song' and 'Woman Like Me'.

Give it a whirl below, and don't miss them on Friday night when they hit up The Graham Norton Show.