EDM sensation Zedd banned from China because he 'liked' a South Park tweet 3 years ago

EDM sensation Zedd banned from China because he 'liked' a South Park tweet

2019, everyone...

Enduring satire South Park still has the ability to upset people, as evidenced by the show's banning by the Chinese government.


The offending recent episode in question - 'Band in China' - took aim at the Chinese government and American organisations such as the NBA and NFL for their business partnerships with the country.

In response, protestors in Hong Kong have taken to the streets to screen the episode, while South Park's follow-up edition addressed the controversy by doubling down.

Just in case you didn't think this was all very serious business, it seems that even engaging in pro-South Park fashion on social media can cost you.

Step forward Russian-German DJ Zedd, who joins Trey Parker and Matt Stone on the bold step.


The popular 30-year-old was due to perform in China, but that won't be happening, with Zedd alleging that the reason is simple; he 'liked' one of the official South Park account's tweets.

As the man himself noted in literal black-and-white over on his Instagram page:


Elaborating, Zedd said:

"Just to clarify, this is NOT a joke.

"The government informed our promoters that if they don’t cancel my scheduled shows in China they would pull their cultural permits."

Representatives for the musician confirmed to CNBC that the story is, indeed, true.


As for the tweet that landed Zedd in trouble? It was fairly innocuous:

So there you have it, folks.

Be careful what you like on social media, lest an entire nation tell you to never visit.