10,000 people were vaccinated at walk-in centres yesterday 1 month ago

10,000 people were vaccinated at walk-in centres yesterday

Two thirds of people vaccinated were under the age of 19.

The Chief Executive of the HSE has said that 10,000 people were vaccinated at walk-in Covid-19 vaccination centres around the country yesterday.


There are 38 centres ran by the HSE that will be in operation throughout the country over the bank holiday weekend, with 20 open today and tomorrow as the vaccine portal opened for all those aged over 16 from last week.

People attending the centres will receive a first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and will then receive a text for an appointment for their second dose.

Speaking to reporters in Athlone on Sunday, Reid said that of the 10,000 people who were vaccinated yesterday, roughly 5,000 were not registered on the portal, and around two thirds of them were aged under 19.

"There were people across all ages coming through, with one 83-year-old coming into our centre in Sligo," he said.

He added that while the HSE had particularly focused on the bank holiday weekend to operate the centres, there may be scope to use them again in a "targetted" way given their success over the past number of days.

HSE Chief Clinical Officer Colm Henry said that there was "ongoing heavy demand" for the centres over the weekend.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday he said, "Younger generation now shoring up the vaccine floodwall. Ongoing heavy demand for walk-in centres; over 10,000 attend yesterday with 20 centres providing facility today and tomorrow; check hse.ie for local details and opening times for walk-ins."


You can find the full details of the walk-in centres here.