If you're not happy in your job, today - 24 January - is a very significant date 3 years ago

If you're not happy in your job, today - 24 January - is a very significant date

Get those CVs good and ready.

The busiest day of the year for job hunting is 24 January, a new study has found.


According to search data from Jobs.ie, the rate of web traffic shot above the average day in 2017 by a staggering 37% on 24 January of last year.

January is consistently the strongest hiring month annually since 2012, with Jobs.ie finding that a total of 3,956 roles are currently advertised on their website, while general traffic is up 39% on November and December.

Mainly, job searches are seeing a spike in the areas of hospitality, sales and transport and logistics.

In general, the first quarter of the year is typically the strongest hiring period, after searches slow down in December. This is typically due to most job hunters slowing down and turning their attention towards the holiday's festivities.

Commenting on the study, Christopher Paye, General Manager at Jobs.ie said:

“Traffic to Jobs.ie increases significantly at this time each year, with 24 January the busiest day of the year on the website.

“Christmas and New Year’s often afford busy professionals time away from the day to day demands of work, and in doing so, provides people with the head space to reflect on their goals and priorities for the year ahead, including their career ambitions.


“This has typically manifested itself in increased user traffic across the month of January, and based on recent history, job seeker activity has peaked on 24 January. The Irish economy is in a particularly vibrant place right now and as a result, there are more opportunities than ever before for job seekers looking to embrace a new challenge or embark on a new career in 2018.”

With Ireland's national rate of employment increasing at the strongest rate in Europe, it's an optimistic time to be on the hunt for a new career. So if you're feeling nice and refreshed after the Christmas break, today might just the perfect time to tighten up those CVs and get the ball rolling for 2018.