5 of the Biggest Drug Busts in Ireland’s History 8 years ago

5 of the Biggest Drug Busts in Ireland’s History

The authorities have been very busy.

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Escobar made his fortune by smuggling cocaine in the 80s and 90s, so we decided to peer a little closer to home and look back on some of the biggest drug busts here in Ireland.

Here's a rundown on five of the biggest and most notorious busts in recent times.


Location: Mizen Head, Cork
Year: 2008
Drug: Cocaine
Street Value: €400 million

Irish naval officers intercepted the yacht called Dances With Waves in the middle of a gale force 7 storm in what was one of the biggest busts in Irish history.

Mizen Head

Location: Off the Cork coast
Year: 2014
Drug: Cocaine
Street Value: €290 million


A luxury yacht called Makayabella was intercepted after crossing the Atlantic from Caribbean with around a tonne of cocaine on board.

Cork Coast

Location: Dublin Port
Year: 2002
Drug: Cannabis
Street Value: €15 million

Six tonnes of herbal cannabis was found by Customs and Excise officers in a shipping container full of garden furniture.


Dublin Port

Location: Clondalkin, Dublin
Year: 2006
Drug: Heroin
Street Value: €11 million

Gardaí raided an apartment in the west Dublin suburb and uncovered 54kg of Heroin which is the biggest seizure in the history of the state.


Location: Dunlough Bay, Cork
Year: 2007
Drug: Cocaine
Street Value: €440 million


The biggest haul in history was a shambles for the smugglers who overloaded a small boat they were using to bring the drugs ashore.

They also accidentally filled a spare fuel tank with diesel instead of petrol.

The boat wouldn't start after a re-fueling and it capsized into the sea leaving bales of cocaine floating around the bay.

Dunlough Bay

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