'Thank you' - Sean Cox thanks public for their support as he continues his recovery 4 years ago

'Thank you' - Sean Cox thanks public for their support as he continues his recovery

It's the Meath man's first public address. Great to see.

The family of Sean Cox have released a short video of the Meath man thanking those that have supported his rehabilitation fund. The video was released to coincide with Friday night’s fundraising match at the Aviva Stadium.


In the four-second clip, Cox gives the thumbs up and says "thank you" to those people who have supported him during his recovery.

"If you are one of the thousands who organised/attended a fundraiser to support Sean, Sean Cox has a message for you," the charity said.

As for the upcoming fundraiser match, a team of Liverpool legends will take on a Republic of Ireland XI at the Aviva Stadium on Friday to raise funds for the Meath man's rehabilitation and Cox will attend the game.


Cox was attacked by Roma fans ahead of last year's Champions League semi-final meeting at Anfield.

Since returning from the UK, the father of three has been receiving treatment at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dún Laoghaire.

During a recent radio interview with Ray D'Arcy, Cox's wife, Martina, gave an update on the health of her husband.


"He is doing okay considering the horrific injuries that he has, it's a very slow progress but he is making progress, obviously the most progress that he has made since he went to the rehabilitation centre in October. That's really important that he gets that level of rehab and he will need that for a long time going forward," she said.

She added: "What we're looking at now is rehab facilities in the UK because unfortunately in Ireland there isn't anything past the NRH, which is shameful really. I'm looking into that and once we find the best fit for Sean I am going to move over there with Sean and he will probably be there for three or four months depending on the programme they give him".

During a recent interview with Newstalk, it was confirmed that Sean Cox would be attending Friday's match, which Martina called a "milestone."

"It's huge, it's big in the sense that he's actually getting to go to the Aviva Stadium. He's actually leaving the hospital and will be going to the stadium, he hasn't done anything like this, the only thing he's done is be out to the house twice for a couple of hours. It is a big milestone," she said.


Tickets to the match between the Liverpool legends and the Republic of Ireland XI are available here.

If you want to make a donation to Sean Cox's rehabilitation fund, all information can be found here.