The St. Stephen’s Day weather forecast doesn’t sound great for outdoor activities 9 months ago

The St. Stephen’s Day weather forecast doesn’t sound great for outdoor activities

Those in need of an excuse to stay indoors have just got one.

While most people are happy to stay indoors to generally gorge and relax on Christmas Day, Stephen’s Day is often a day for getting out of the house before cabin fever well and truly sets in.

Activities are organised well in advance to facilitate just that and while it doesn’t look like there’ll be any risk of them being cancelled or anything close to it by the sounds of the weather forecast, you might have to dress accordingly.

Christmas Day, as has been flagged already, sounds very pleasant for the most part, starting cold and frosty (not necessarily a bad thing at Christmas) and staying mainly dry with hazy sunshine before a gusty wind takes hold in the evening time.

According to Met Éireann, Stephen’s Day (Thursday to save you having to check), however, will be “rather damp and blustery” with showery outbreaks of rain and the risk of southwest gales on Atlantic coasts.

Conditions will be most favourable in eastern counties and temperatures will reach 12 degrees on a mild day overall, with further outbreaks of rain overnight ahead of another cloudy, misty and showery day on Friday.

The weekend follows a similar theme – mild, breezy and showery – and Sunday will be a nicer day than Saturday, with plenty of dry periods and temperatures hitting unseasonable highs of 14 degrees in places.

A little rain and a stiff breeze is hardly going to be enough to put you off getting out and about come Thursday, but just be sure to bring the raincoat and umbrella just in case.