A jury has delivered a verdict of unlawful killing in the Hillsborough case 2 years ago

A jury has delivered a verdict of unlawful killing in the Hillsborough case

Justice for the 96.

After 27 years of waiting, the families of the 96 people killed in the Hillsborough tragedy have been vindicated in their search for the truth.

A jury has returned the verdict that the 96 Liverpool fans were unlawfully killed, and that supporter behaviour in no way contributed to the danger.

The jury found that there were errors made in police planning and preparation for the final, and errors made by police which contributed to danger outside the stadium's turnstiles before and during the fateful 1989 FA cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest.


The jury also returned a verdict that mistakes were made by commanding officers which 'caused and contributed' to the deaths. The mistakes were summed up under the categories 'response to disaster', 'lack of co-ordination' and 'command and control'.

The jury also found defects in the safety of Sheffield Wednesday's ground, and errors in their preparation for the map, according to journalist David Conn, who was present at proceedings. This means Sheffield Wednesday staff may have contributed to the casualties.

The South Yorkshire ambulance service was also criticised for failure to recognise the crisis.

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