Nationwide road safety warning issued ahead of Storm Callum 3 years ago

Nationwide road safety warning issued ahead of Storm Callum

Stay safe on the roads in the coming days.

Storm Callum is set to hit Irish shores this week.


On Wednesday morning, Met Éireann issued a status orange weather warning for six counties as the storm makes its way to Ireland.

General safety advice has been issued in the wake of the warning, and now AA Ireland has followed suit, warning motorists of the incoming conditions.

Drivers are being urged to adapt to the roads in the coming days and to be on the lookout for vulnerable road users as high winds are expected to hit from Thursday night - 11 October - through to Saturday.

While it appears that the west and north west may experience the worst of the storm, motorists nationwide are advised that driving conditions could worsen significantly across the next 48 hours.

The AA is advising motorists to reduce speed accordingly to improve their ability to maintain control of their vehicle when driving through areas affected by Storm Callum.

Motorists are also being urged to allow extra space between themselves and other road users, particularly cyclists and pedestrians who could be blown off course by sudden gusts of wind.

“It's vital that we all take a look at our own road behaviour and adapt it accordingly to minimise incidents during this weather," says Conor Faughnan, AA Director of Consumer Affairs.


"High winds can be particularly dangerous as vulnerable road users can be blown off course and into the path of oncoming traffic meaning motorists must slow down in general and also allow extra distance when overtaking cyclists or pedestrians.

“It’s also important to remember when driving on exposed roads, such as a motorway, that your own car could be re-directed by a sudden gust so you must make sure your focus is on the task of driving at all times.

"In particular, as the worst of this storm looks likely to hit overnight, motorists could wake up on Friday morning to debris and fallen trees on a number of routes.”

In advance of an expected surge in car breakdowns during the stormy weather, AA Rescue will also be making additional resources available nationally, with particular focus being given to the west and north west of Ireland.

Before the change in weather, motorists are being encouraged to check the condition of their tyres and windshield wipers to ensure their car is ready for the challenging conditions.