Glorious scenes as hero dog breaks Guinness world record 2 years ago

Glorious scenes as hero dog breaks Guinness world record

What an absolute legend.

A Golden Retriever has made it into the Guinness World Record books for storing the most tennis balls in his mouth.


New York-based Finley broke a record held for 17 years to earn his space in the book alongside Blossom; the tallest cow in the world, and Merlin; the cat with the loudest purr.

Finley is able to hold six tennis balls in his mouth, beating the previous record by one.


"BIG NEWS! I can officially say that I am in the Guinness World Record book for 2022! This, of course, wasn't easy and certainly felt like forever and a day to accomplish!" Finley's family wrote on Instagram.

"Thank you to all my friends and fans who have been following my tennis ball journey since the beginning-was it worth the wait?


"I haven't been active as much on social media lately, but don't fret, I'm still carrying tennis balls as you can see!"

Finley's owner Erin Molloy said that her pet has been hoarding tennis balls since he was two.


Erin's parents, Cherie and Rob Molloy recall the time Finely stuffed four balls into his mouth and ran around. At this moment, they realised they were dealing with a superstar.

"The joy he brings to us is one thing," Cherie Molloy told New York's Democrat and Chronicle newspaper. "But he brings joy to people all over the world."

Though Finley loves to fetch like most dogs, he much prefers to lie on his back and have a ball dangled above his face.