Aldi warn customers of a bogus scam doing the rounds 1 year ago

Aldi warn customers of a bogus scam doing the rounds

Don't get caught.

Aldi have warned customers of a fake voucher being circulated which claims to be from the supermarket.

Taking to Twitter, they've stated that this "is not a legitimate voucher from Aldi" and that they "strongly recommend that you do not share any of your personal details".

As you can see below, the bogus voucher states that the company is "celebrating their 50th birthday and want to say a huge thank you to customers".

The scam claims to be giving away €125 in free vouchers.

After clicking on the link, users are told that there's a limited number of vouchers left.

It then asks the person to complete a short survey and provide their personal information to claim the voucher.

If anyone receives a message of this ilk, they're encouraged not to share any personal details. If they already have been duped by this scam, Aldi have asked customers to contact them directly.

An Aldi spokesperson has said: "It has been brought to our attention that there is a hoax survey circulating online promising individuals a €125 Aldi voucher if they participate in an online survey.”

The statement adds: "This offer is fraudulent and cannot be redeemed in our stores. “We are advising customers that receive the message not to click on the link or insert any personal information. We are investigating the matter.”

Take note.