Alert raised over suspected ammonia leak in Co. Down (reports) 3 years ago

Alert raised over suspected ammonia leak in Co. Down (reports)

Worrying news.

Three fire engines are currently dealing with a feared ammonia leak at a fish processing plant in Kilkeel, Co. Down, according to reports by the BBC. The BBC has further reported that several people have been taken from the site in ambulances.


The alert began at 12.30pm on July 16 according to the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service.

Other local outlets such as the Mourne Observer are also reporting a "major incident" at the site.

The risks associated with exposure to high levels of ammonia are serious. Ammonia gas is toxic and in a fairly narrow band of concentration with air (160,000 to 270,000ppm by volume) is flammable and explosive.

Short term exposure to concentrations of about 200ppm will cause irritation and discomfort to the mucous membrane and the eyes but with no lasting consequences. Exposure to concentrations above 1500ppm will damage or destroy body tissue. Exposure beyond a certain point can be fatal.

There have been no official reports of injury yet.