An outrageous amount of waste is about to be dumped in Dublin Bay 6 years ago

An outrageous amount of waste is about to be dumped in Dublin Bay


Almost ten million tonnes of dredge waste is set to be dumped off the coast of Dublin as part of a plan to re-develop Dublin Bay and allow for the port to accommodate super cruise liners. This will involve deepening the port by three metres.


Dublin Port have attained a Dumping at Sea (Das) permit that will allow for the unimaginable amount of seabed material to be dumped at an existing marine site at Howth Head over five years.

However, the Irish Underwater Council, who govern all sub-aquatic sports in Ireland, have taken issue with the timing of the notice, claiming that “the company appears to have acted in a deliberate, pre-meditated and cynical fashion to drastically reduce the time available for third party submissions”.

Furthermore, the group claim that the use of a newspaper ad to notify the public is an 'archaic' decision. The public at large would not have known about the plan to dump the seabed waste had Fine Gael election candidate Stephanie Regan not disseminated over 20,000 leaflets on the matter.

There is also the chance that the vast increase in waste dumped in Dublin Bay will reduce visibility in the area and harm the environment, a concern that the Irish Underwater Council have made clear.

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