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Technically, we are still in the Irish summer, although we wouldn't know that from looking outside.

Yeah, every now and then, you'll be suddenly hit with a bit of direct sunlight that'll have you sweating through the rain jacket you put on because it was lashing when you left the house earlier, and now you'll getting drenched from every angle.


However, to paraphrase a certain little TV show that you probably haven't heard of, Autumn Is Coming.

Met √Čireann are predicting relatively high temperatures of 16 to 20 degrees on Monday, that'll be arriving with heavy downpours and even some thunderstorms, sticking mostly to the Southeast of the country. Sorry Wexford, you're outta look this week.

Thankfully, the rest of the week is looking up (relatively speaking), as the thunder and lightning makes way for fresh breezes across the country, randomly scattered showers all over the place, and temperatures sticking between 15 and 19 degrees right up to Friday.

Now that is the Irish Summer we know and love.

Hey you! Yeah, YOU! Take a gawk at this...


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Plus, Justine Stafford heads off to Cavan to see if she can be crowned the Queen of Muff, while Shifts team up with the very Saintly Tony Cantwell... 

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