The average cost of rent across all of Ireland is now more than €1,000 a month 2 years ago

The average cost of rent across all of Ireland is now more than €1,000 a month

Dublin remains the most expensive by a wide margin.

The national average for rent has exceeded €1,000 per month.


In the new figures released by the Residential Tenancies Board, the national standardised average rent for new tenancies, based on Q4 figures for 2017, was €1,054.

This shows an annual growth of 6.4% in rent prices for all new tenancies, which is down from 8.0% in the previous quarter.

Unsurprisingly, Dublin remains the most expensive, where the average rent stood at €1,511.

Meanwhile, the prices in the Greater Dublin Area - such as Meath, Wicklow and Kildare - have increased to an average of €1,103.

The average outside of the Greater Dublin Area, however, appears to have dropped in price, to €793 per month.

While the national average has increased, the rate of increase - especially in Dublin and Cork - have slowed their rate of increase.

The average national rate of increase in Q4 of 2017, when compared to Q3 of 2017, stood at 1.1%.


Dublin's average increase was 1.1%, while outside the Greater Dublin Area decreased on average by 1.3%.

However, the increase rate within the Greater Dublin Area was much higher than the national average, at 3.3%.

Additionally, the national average for rent prices for apartments were almost €100 higher per month than average rent prices for houses.