Bar in Denmark offering Covid-19 tests with complimentary free beer 2 years ago

Bar in Denmark offering Covid-19 tests with complimentary free beer

Sounds like a great initiative.

A bar in Copenhagen in Denmark is offering Covid-19 tests upon entry, along with a complimentary free beer for those tested.


The brewpub Warpigs has teamed up with healthcare company Practio to set up a mini Covid-19 test station for customers at the bar's back entrance who do not already have a negative Covid-19 test.

These customers pay €20 and are then able to conduct the Covid-19 test themselves, with Practio training the staff at Warpigs to supervise the self-testing.

According to the operations manager at Mikkeller - the Danish brewery that runs the bar - Jacob Gram Alsing, the hope is the initiative will make more customers stop by the brewpub.

He explained: “It is a service that we really want to offer our guests - both to make life easier for them, but also to give them the opportunity to make a spontaneous decision to go to a restaurant.


"We suggest that you book a table on arrival, get a test taken, and then we provide a free beer while you wait outdoors."

In a statement, Mikkeller says the Covid-19 test is "a simple nose test", where a customer inserts a cotton swab two or three centimetres into each nostril and rotates five times.

The staff at Warpigs supervise to make sure the customer does this correctly and then take care of the analysis of the test.

This analysis takes 15 minutes with the diagnosis entered and registered directly into the customer's coronavirus passport - a Covid pass scheme system in Denmark for people vaccinated, previously infected with Covid-19 or found to be recently Covid-19 negative - after another 10 minutes.


Practio has said that while the idea was initiated with Mikkeller, over the coming weeks the intention is to collaborate with many more restaurants.

For more information about the initiative, see here.